Reproducible Research

Curating Data Sets for Reproducibility

This workshop will cover key considerations for preparing and sharing data and software to improve the reproducibility of published results. Participants will have the opportunity to put into practice lessons learned while exploring published data sets. Openly available tools that support reproducibility will also be examined.

Facilitators: Shahira Khair, Sandra Sawchuk
Collaborator: Qian Zhang

The Reproducibility Framework is available for download on Google Docs with a CC0 license.

Workshop Agenda

Part I: Introduction

Part II: Reproducibility from the perspective of data creators/curators

  1. Open Activity 1: Organization & assessment of research materials.
  2. Compile the following dataset materials in OSF:
  3. Complete Activity 2: Reproducibility Framework.

Part III: Reproducibility from the perspective of data re-users

  1. Open the following link:
  2. Open Activity 3: Exploring the repository and the notebook.
  3. Open Activity 4: Experimenting with the code.
  4. Bonus activity: Play around with another repository:

Slide Deck

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